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Monday, September 08, 2008

4 Grids Solo Exhibition @ p|m Gallery

Otino Corsano

4 Grids

September 13 - October 25, 2008

Opening Saturday September 13, 2 - 6pm

p|m Gallery, Toronto

"Grid 2", 2008 colour photograph 23.5" x 31.5"

The notion of a still frame encompassing the totality of a film is the concept hinging together the images in this series titled “4 Grids”. The intention of this project is to create pictorial films using the medium of photography alone.

Each work consists of four photographs and these images represent different scenes comprising a “conceptual art film”. One scene involves Olympian Larry Cain winter training on Lake Ontario in his outrigger canoe. Preparing for international competitions primarily located in Hawaii, Cain’s determination attempts to offset the environmental disadvantages of training in a regional Canadian climate. Another set of images features myself subbing in for Michael Snow in his domestic environment. Inspired by location stills, a local artist acts as a stand–in for an international art star. The third set of gallery views are of empty Chelsea art spaces located in New York City. As wayward tourist photos, these spaces are viewed as containers for potential art narratives. The final set of photographs feature actress Maev Beaty relaxing at home on a day when she was not acting. The mini-project attempts to capture a “Cinéma Vérité” aesthetic while questioning the notion of prescribed acting techniques.

The juxtaposition of each diverse series of photos is intended to create more complex narratives in this new genre of photo-based filmmaking.

Special Thanks to Nikki Ormerod for her photographic assistance.

This is Otino Corsano’s second solo exhibition with P|M Gallery. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art, University of Toronto and Otis College of Art (Los Angeles), Corsano describes his visual art practice as neo-conceptualist, new genre work since he explores areas of meaning production in a variety of media. His art writings and artist interviews are published in ArtUS magazine and can also be found online at artpost.info. Corsano has taught at the Univesity of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art and has exhibited in Toronto and abroad.


  • P|M Gallery website
    p|m Gallery is located in Toronto’s East End (South of Riverdale) at 1159 Dundas Street East.

    (Closest intersection: Dundas Street East and Carlaw Avenue)

    Gallery Hours

    Wednesday 11am – 8pm
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am – 6pm
    Sunday by appointment or call (416.937.3862)

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