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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


David Balzer
Bill Clarke
Otino Corsano
Sky Goodden
John Bentley Mays
Amish Morrell
Elena Potter
In dialogue with
CCP Graduate Students

On Thursday January 20th at 5pm in the OCADU Grad Gallery at 205 Richmond Street West, CCP Graduate Students and members of the Toronto Alliance of Art Critics (TAAC) will collaborate in a evening of sharing & discussing critical writings on Art.

Everyone is invited to bring in a piece of art criticism for review and discussion.

This evening event will be an opportunity for the TAAC and CCP to share ideas an insights into art writing in an encouraging environment of open dialogue and contribution. 

Rather than positioned as a didactic workshop this unique meeting is more an opportunity to share some ideas and get a better sense of Toronto criticism and its critics' taste.

Special Thanks to Rosemary Donegan, Director of the Criticism & Curatorial Program, and host of the event. 

Sky Goodden is the animator for the event.

All participants have been asked to bring one piece of art criticism or art writing they would like to share/discuss on some type of portable media (data stick or CD etc.).

Thanks to all TAAC members for your interest and support of this event.


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