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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Draw Artist Interview #17: Aisha-Zalika Simpson

Quick Draw Artist Interviews are a series of interviews conducted by Otino Corsano using Facebook's IM Chat feature. Spontaneous conversations with international artists are recorded and documented. New “Quick Draw Artist Interviews” will be posted on my new Toronto Artpost blog:
Quick: remote. Each time I see you, you appear considerably more in unison; precise. A pull back shot with rack focusing on your stare; off centre. Now even further. The thought of never reversing marks your unexpected return; again; just real and raw. Draw: art about art.

Aisha-Zalika Simpson is an interdisciplinary artist and Criticism and Curatorial Practice major at OCAD University. Studying different art practices, Simpson has developed an appreciation for the potential art has to connect people, stimulate discussion and create positive change. Her Criticism and Curatorial foundation enables Simpson to approach her work with both a theoretical lens and a pragmatic approach to art making and curating. 
Simpson is participating in Project 417’s presentation "Unveiling the Myths" – an exhibition at Yonge-Dundas Square on August 3rd and 4th, 2011, in Toronto.

I think its always important
for the viewer to have space to piece together the message
within a work; however with socially conscious art
it is also important to not be too
illusive. Sometimes you need to be
literal and forthright.

It wouldn't be correct to say
“socially conscious” work is merely about presenting the theme
of social injustice to inform viewers.

Read the entire interview with Aisha-Zalika Simpson at: 



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