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Monday, November 21, 2011

ArtStars* covers "Happiness - Part 1"

Nadja Sayej is well-known as an international journalist, art critic and TV host of ArtStars*, and I first met her when she located me as the only other Canadian art writer on the roster of artUS magazine (Los Angeles). 

She invited me to become a founding member of the Toronto Alliance of Art Critics - a group she established from her vision of creating a stronger and more unified community of art writers linked to the profession and social outreach. At first hesitant due to my status as both an artist and artist interviewer (rather than an established art critic) I am now able to see how fortunate I was to accept Nadja's offer to join the TAAC.

One immediate perk of being a TAAC member was I gained direct appreciation of the subtle techniques (the Art) of art writing. Nadja was one of those excellent writers whose work I continue to follow through various periodicals.

I am grateful to Nadja for covering my recent exhibition "Happiness - Part 1" on her ArtStars* Blog

As they say, 
"be nice to the people you meet on your way up, 
because they may be the same people you meet
on your way down,
too." Amen 
to that.


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