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Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Draw Artist Interview #29: Peter Kingstone

Quick Draw Artist Interviews are a series of interviews conducted by Otino Corsano using Facebook's IM Chat feature. Spontaneous conversations with international artists are recorded and documented specifically for publication on this blog.

Quick: Jab. Models her pummels. I actually asked for a Nokia and happily settled for better than advertised. She carries heavy clout; paradoxically ultra-lightweight. He returns to me as Phantom High Speed Capture HD in Hughes/Thomson Technicolor. “Make Something Beautiful Happen.” To be scrawled on a future panel. Prepped according to scale. Half a decade ago. 
Draw: art about art.

Peter Kingstone is a single channel and installation video artist. He lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  He holds a Philosophy/Cultural Studies Degree from Trent University in Peterborough, and Masters of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto, Ontario. Kingstone has exhibited extensively in Toronto and internationally and has presented at many conferences on the ideas around storytelling and social engagement. He teaches at Toronto School of Art and York University and over the years has worked in a variety of administrative roles for many Toronto artist-run centres. Peter started in September 2012 as the Acting Visual/Media Arts Officer at Toronto Arts Council.

Peter Kingstone is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery. 
His most recent solo exhibition at the Gallery titled, "Upright Stance," was exhibited in February to March 2013.

Never having
boxed or ever
been in a
physical fight, 
being punched
is something
I wonder

Read the entire interview with Peter at:


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