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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Interview with John Mark Sherlock

The March 2006 interview with composer John Mark Sherlock is now finally online and can be found at:
  • ArtPost.info - PostScript Section

  • Here's a short excerpt:

    OC: The decision to have the compositions for the Orangette performed by another artist seemed notable in so far as the quality of the piece moved beyond an individual perspective towards objective interpretation. Was there a conscious attempt to present the work beyond a subjective perspective?

    JMS: No, never any conscious attempts to do anything.
    I think it is better if someone else plays my music because there is more likelihood of an honest interpretation
    of what is
    on the page
    that way.

    If I did it the piece it would start changing on the spot... nosediving out of control on some
    other tangent.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think that your art sounds fantastic. You really are an inspiration to me and my fellow classmates.

    6:41 PM  

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