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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Draw Artist Interview #19: Sarah Elliott

Quick Draw Artist Interviews are a series of interviews conducted by Otino Corsano using IM Chat applications. Spontaneous conversations with international artists are recorded and documented specifically for publication on this blog.

Quick: empathy. Truth is - one can never fully understand what another has survived. What they have left behind. dust. Tried calling yet you were “counselling”. If it is true one's entire life is relevant than why are we disconnecting? And if they knew they would be calling too. dialling. Draw: art about art.

Sarah Elliott is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and temporarily living in Alaska. She has recently shown at Back Yard Projects in New York City where she normally resides and works.

The problem with telling a child 
"I understand how you feel." is that some children simply won't 
believe you. They'll say, "No you don't."
But if you take the time to be specific
(the first day of school can be scary, so many new things to get used to) 
then the child will know that you really do understand. 

Read the entire interview with Sarah Elliott at: 


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